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A summer’s evening in Lancieux

Are you spending a weekend in Lancieux this summer? We’ve put together a great programme for you!


6 pm – Horseback riding

At a trot, canter or gallop, discover Lancieux Bay on horseback. This unique and unusual ride will take you through the beach, foreshore and undergrowth, accompanied by a Ty Haras instructor. The landscape of Lancieux Bay lives and changes with the rhythm of the tides, with its abundant ecosystem hosting numerous habitats among beaches, dunes and cliffs.

Ty Haras Lancieux balade au coucher de soleil

8 pm – A concert at Bar des Pêcheurs

Continue your evening in Lancieux at Bar des Pêcheurs, located in the heart of the village and a frequent concert venue. Come and have a nice time together! You can even stay for dinner.

Balade Nocturne à Lancieux Lezbroz
Web Plage Du Rocher Lancieux Lezbroz

9.30 pm – A night-time stroll along the seafront

Take a walk along the coastal path in the evening, the perfect time to enjoy the footpaths in peace! Walk along the Plage Saint-Sieu beach, where you’re bound to see children building the last castles of the day, or swimmers doing a few lengths through the waves. Why not join them?


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