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Dinard Côte d’Emeraude Tourisme provides a convenient service for purchasing tickets to exciting shows and events in the beautiful coastal towns of Dinard, Saint Lunaire, Saint-Briac, and Lancieux. Whether you’re a visitor or a local resident, we offer you the opportunity to access a diverse range of cultural and entertainment experiences right at your fingertips.

Our ticketing services are available at the respective tourist offices in these charming destinations, making it easy for you to plan a memorable evening out.

We accept payments in both cash and credit card.

But that’s not all! To enhance your experience and help you stay informed, we encourage you to take advantage of our event calendar. By consulting the calendar, you can explore upcoming shows, performances, and cultural events in the area. It’s a valuable resource to stay updated on the latest happenings and ensure you never miss out on the fantastic entertainment opportunities these towns have to offer.


So, whether you’re interested in theater productions, musical concerts, or other live performances, Dinard Côte d’Emeraude Tourisme is here to assist you in securing your tickets and keeping you in the know about the vibrant cultural scene along the Emerald Coast. Enjoy your time exploring the arts and entertainment options available.


Accueil Saint-Lunaire avec Hélène.