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An unusual walk in the ship graveyard of Minihic-sur-Rance

Le Minihic-sur-Rance is a village on the Rance estuary. Wasn’t in your initial itinerary? Change your plans and make a diversion that’s worth the effort!

Bords De Rance Minihic Sur Rance Hamel (3)
Bords De Rance Minihic Sur Rance Hamel (4)

A long maritime tradition

In the 19th century, the people of Minihic-sur-Rance were sailors, shipwrights or caulkers and about forty shipyards were present in the commune. Today only three remain, notably the one at La Landriais, a listed historical monument.

In the past, the shipyards worked on fishing and commercial boats, but today they have been restored and converted into pleasure boats.

Opposite the hold of La Landriais, you will see an islet in the middle of the Rance. Until the Revolution, it was a monastery whose monks guided sailors up the estuary. The commune of Minihic-sur-Rance takes its name from this. In fact, in Breton, ‘Minihic’ means ‘House of Monks.’

As you walk through the village, you will see the stooped houses of sailors and carpenters, as well as the homes of captains.

Chantier Naval De La Landriais
Chantier Naval De La Landriais Sur La Rance

The ship graveyard

Follow the GR34C, a coastal path along the banks of the Rance to go along the dry dock of La Landriais. You will see some beached boats, which, after drifting along the Rance, have come to end their lives on the banks of Minihic-sur-Rance.

These wrecks stand alongside the renovated ships that come out of the nearby shipyards. It’s an unusual encounter between past and future.

Bords De Rance Minihic Sur Rance Hamel (5)
Minihic Chantiers Navals

Family outing idea

Have you heard of geocaching? This modern-day treasure hunt takes you on a discovery of the department of Ille-et-Vilaine. In the commune of Minihic-sur-Rance, you will discover the commune’s historical and maritime heritage in a fun way.

A little treasure awaits the children who manage to solve all the riddles.

Put on your trainers and don’t forget your smartphone: you play the game using a free app. Off you go!

Practical information !

More information on the geocaching app: Trésors de Haute Bretagne.

For hikers, there are two walking routes in the commune of Minihic-sur-Rance: