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Shore fishing

Shore fishing


Try shore fishing in Brittany

At low tide, when the sea withdraws and the shore reveals its playground, come and try shore fishing! Locals love to go shore fishing with their friends or their families during the spring tides.

Look for crustacean and shellfish

Equipped with your rubber boots, your bucket, your net, your hoe or rake… Pace up and down the rocks or the beach, looking for small crustacean and shellfish! With your children, enjoy those moments to state good practice on the beach.

Clams, razor shells, cockles and other shells are within easy reach! It is the opportunity to enjoy the good Breton sea salt air, and recharge your batteries surrounded by nature.

With your friends or family, you will for sure spend an unforgettable moment and enjoy your catch of the day for dinner.

Don’t go alone!

You wish to be introduced to shore fishing by a professional? Here are all the nature guides:

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Good practice

Découvrez quelques conseils simples à appliquer pour une pêche éco-responsable :

Here is some advice for eco-friendy fishing:


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