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Fauméa Stand-up paddle & Yoga

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Fauméa Stand Up Paddle & Yoga offers a variety of group and private stand-up paddle (SUP) and Gasquet yoga courses.

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Fauméa Stand Up Paddle & Yoga offers a variety of group and private stand-up paddle (SUP) and Gasquet yoga courses.

The banks of the River Rance offer an ideal calm and green setting to discover the pleasures of SUP in a friendly atmosphere.

A qualified instructor will accompany you on a variety of outings, including trips out on the water (1.5 hours), hikes (two hours), paddle yoga (1.5 hours), yoga hikes (two hours), aperitif SUP and private events. You will receive technical advice from the shore to discover at your own pace the beauties of the River Rance (bays, protected islands and old mills) according to the winds and currents.

You will find the right balance on your board and learn to handle your oar to familiarise yourself with the different principles involved. Paddle yoga starts in spring and is a real moment of well-being. The balancing activities linked to yoga on the board promote

deep muscle strengthening and proprioception.

The peaceful setting of the River Rance and the lapping of the water on your paddle are extremely relaxing. The trips out on the water and paddle yoga are accessible to beginners in both SUP and yoga.

Discover our seaside getaway: a private day for couples organised according to your requirements. A private yoga class on the beach for 1.25 hours and a private stand-up paddle for 1.5 hours with a champagne aperitif served on the water!
Includes paddle equipment and a yoga class on the beach near your holiday home.


Base rate

Balade/ stage/ Cours particulier.

From 40,00€ to 170,00€