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Dinard, a seaside paradise

Dinard is not your average seaside town. It developed rapidly in the 19th century as British high society and Parisian fashionistas discovered the joys of sea bathing. Today, Dinard owes its appeal to its architectural richness and cultural dynamism. Join us as we discover one of the cradles of the Belle Époque.


Dinard2018 140 Pointe du moulinet Dinard


Let’s start with the heart of the town. At the end of boulevard Féart, you will fall under the spell of the Plage de Écluse beach and its famous white and blue striped tents. It’s the perfect starting point to discover over four hundred magnificent, preserved villas. On the left hand side of the beach, it’s all you can see: overlooking the Pointe de la Malouine promontory, the Les Roches Brunes villa is without doubt the most emblematic. Listed as a historic monument, it is open to the public for cultural events.


L'oeil De Paco Sensation Bretagne Dinard Proposition (84) Plage à La Pointe De La Malouine


On the other side, stroll through the narrow streets of the Pointe du Moulinet headland. Don’t forget to explore a jewel of Anglican influence: Saint Bartholomew’s Church. Facing the Rance estuary and Prieuré Bay, Promenade du Clair de Lune will offer you a breath-taking view of Saint-Malo. This is where the maritime heart of the town lies: between its marina and the pier, you can take the sea bus to conquer Saint-Malo or go on an excursion.


Croisière bateau à Dinard Dinard2018 178

Continuing your escape, you will face the Plage du Prieuré beach overlooked by Port Breton Park. With its games, fitness trail and animal park, it’s the place to be for families!

When we said Dinard is not your average seaside town…