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Saint Lunaire, where the living is easy

Saint-Lunaire is undoubtedly a destination with a harmonious blend of wild nature and seaside life. When you get a taste of Saint-Lunaire, you’re bound to take with you the memory of simple and joyful moments, delicious slices of life.

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The  town’s past is anchored in stone and memories. Strolling through the streets of the resort is a journey through time. The old church, a Romanesque building from the 11th century which has been extended, rebuilt, restored and classified as a historical monument, proudly bears witness to this. It’s also where the 6th-century founder of the town, Saint Lunaire, is buried. The captain’s houses will invite you to voyage out to sea. As for the town centre, it bears the influence of the Belle Époque and the passion that motivated Sylla Laraque, a rich Haitian businessman who made Saint-Lunaire one of the first seaside resorts on France’s Emerald Coast!

Respectful of its environment and aware of the challenges of tomorrow, the resort pays takes special care to protect its surroundings and has been awarded the ‘Ville Nature’ eco label.


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The recent acquisition of Ponthual Woods and the dune on the Plage de Longchamp beach, as well as the preservation of Pointe du Nick promontory, are perfect examples of this.

Still not sure? Come to the Pointe du Décollé headland and take in the beauty of the view. Then you’ll see…

Saint Lunaire 00102  Pointe du Décollé à Saint-Lunaire