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Lancieux, discreet and full of charm

There are places that call for peace and quiet, for time to take a breather. Lancieux is one of those places. The peninsula, set between the River Frémur and its bay, offers a haven of peace to those who want to spend time there.

Nestled between the land and sea, the resort’s entire coastline features contrasting and varied walks and hikes, from the Plage des Briantais beach and its preserved dunes, to the central Plage Saint-Sieu beach facing the Hébihiens Island, and the Plage de l’Islet beach along with its virtually never-ending jetty.

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Each place and area has its own feel, its own longings.

The village and its stones bear the roots of the Lancieux people.

As you work your way around the streets, you will discover its fishermen’s houses and old bell tower from the 18th century, not forgetting its symbolic Buglais Mill, which has been fully restored and is celebrated every year, on 15 August, during the Mill Festival. Prepare to enjoy music and a country meal. Conviviality guaranteed!

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And to get to the heart the resort, there’s nothing better than to go there on a Tuesday morning, the traditional market day, where good food is shared as much as friendships.

Lancieux is a sporty destination, full of energy and vitality: a renowned kite-surfing spot in the region, Plage Saint-Sieu will be the place for all your adventures and encounters. How about a bit of fishing on foot at low tide or a tête-à-tête with a rider and his horse? It’s ideal for horse riding there.