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Be drawn in and inspired by Saint-Briac-sur-mer

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes that change with the seasons and the tides, Saint-Briac-sur-Mer is a real gem that many artists love.

Here, more than anywhere else, you can rest your mind and recharge your batteries. Come and take a break and breathe! The resort is full of must-see sites. You can’t miss the Pointe de la Garde Guérin headland and its wonderful view, its golf course, one of the oldest in France, and its clubhouse, classified as a historical monument.

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Go through the village and its narrow streets, along with the old presbytery steeped in history — not forgetting Nessay Park and its castle to stroll in and make magical and unforgettable memories.

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But far from contenting themselves with their heritage and natural wealth, the resort and its inhabitants are full of dynamism. There is ample evidence of this, whether during the historic regattas, through the numerous exhibitions, or along the famous GR34 coastal path.

Don’t know Saint-Briac yet? Drop everything and pack your bags: you won’t be disappointed !

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