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Spring tides

Spring tides


Venir en vacances sur la Côte d’Émeraude c’est aussi vivre l’expérience des Grandes Marées ! On vous livre tous nos secrets pour dénicher les meilleurs sIf you are coming to Brittany, and especially the Emerald Coast, do not miss the spring tides! We give you our little secrets to find the best spot to enjoy this spectacular natural phenomenon, and why not, try shore fishing! Here are all our tips.

What are spring tides ?

Have you noticed that the sea level changes? It is the tide rising (and then outgoing) of the ride, due to the Moon and Sun attraction. There is a tide every 6 hours or so. The sea is high and low twice every 24 hours.

Because the Moon find itself aligned with the Earth every 24 hrs and 50 min, there is a daily gap of 50 minutes on the tides timetable.

Careful, now: spring tides happen when the tidal coefficient is above 90.

Tidal coefficient is the difference of water height between high and low tide.

France, Ille Et Vilaine (35), Dinard, La Piscine Et La Pointe Du Moulinet
France, Ille Et Vilaine (35), Dinard, La Piscine Et La Pointe Du Moulinet

When are the newt spring tides in 2022 ?

January 2nd and 3rd
Coef. max 102 les 2 et 3 Janvier

March 3rd to 5th and March 19th to 21st
Highest coef. 103 on March 3rd and 4th

April 17th to 19th
Highest coef. 103 on April 18th

May 16th to 18th
Highest coef. 100 on May 17th

August 12th to 15th
Highest coef. on August 13th and 14th

September 10th to 13th
Coef. max. Highest coef. 105 on September 11th and 12th

October 9th to 11th
Coef. Highest coef. 101 on October 10th

Find the perfect spot to watch the tides

The scenery changes with the tides, do not miss this beautiful spectacle on the Emerald Coast.

Here are our favourite spots:

And do not forget to be careful near the waves!


By Bénédicte