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Fondation Partage et vie - Hôpital Arthur Gardiner

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The Arthur Gardiner Hospital has 66 beds and 14 inpatient beds in Suite Care and Rehabilitation.

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The Arthur Gardiner Hospital has 66 beds and 14 beds which consist of:

- 22 short-stay hospital beds;
- 44 beds and 14 hospital places in Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care (SRG) divided as follows:
- 24 SRG beds specialized in “diseases of the elderly who are polypathological, dependent or at risk of dependence”;
- 20 multi-purpose SRG beds including 5 identified palliative care beds;
- 14 SRG places specialised in «cardiovascular diseases» with the management of outpatients over a four-week cycle during which they are followed in the fields of dietetics, smoking, hypertension (hypertension), psychology...;

- A platform for geriatric, cardio-geriatric and onco-geriatric consultations;

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