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Pleurtuit, the dynamic one

If you’re looking for a bustling location, you’ve come to the right place! Pleurtuit is a dynamic, growing town. Situated in the heart the golden triangle formed by Dinan, Saint-Malo and Dinard, its pretty neighbour, Pleurtuit has become an economically and culturally rich place over the years.

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Want to get away from it all? Take a walk in the countryside and go to the Pointe de Cancaval promontory, a protected area of the department. After wandering along its little roads, you will find yourself in the middle of a landscape with rich and varied flora nestled between the land and sea. It’s also a bird paradise.

Just next door, you will find the only malouinière (local mansion) in the west of the Rive Rance: the Domaine de la Malouinière du Montmarin mansion, which will charm you with its architecture and gardens.

Pleurtuit, enriched by its past, the memory of its shipyard and its strong connection with the great Newfoundland fisheries, does not forget its residents.

The municipality buzzes with energy and offers everyone a well thought-out artistic programme and a multitude of sports facilities. From the cinema to the skate park and the tennis courts, there’s something for everyone and for every generation.

While enjoying the town centre, you will probably notice that the church no longer has its bell tower, so don’t hesitate to ask why. We will be happy to tell you!

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