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Beaussais-sur-mer, between the land and sea

An ideal stopover with its many shops and restaurants, Beaussais-sur-Mer is also a unique place for those who like getting stuck into the outdoors.

Nearly forty-five kilometres of paths will allow you to walk between hedgerows, woods and small villages, together with the polders of the town of Ploubalay.

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These lands reclaimed from the sea are a favourite place for bird lovers, the Bay of Beaussais being a migratory stopover for many species. Get your binoculars out! Do you like spending your holidays on the beach? So much so that you change ‘spots’ every day? Beaussais-sur-Mer is made for you!

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While the town has only one beach (Plage de Beaussais, perfect for sand yachting), it’s the ideal location to access all the beaches of the Emerald Coast: just a few minutes by car, you will be spoilt for choice!

Beaussais-sur-Mer was born from the grouping together of Ploubalay, Trégon and Plessix-Balisson, so you will find several village souls, each with its own feeling and features. Trégon, with its menhirs and covered alleys, witnesses to a human presence dating back centuries. Plessix-Balisson has its artists’ studios and eco-neighbourhood, while Ploubalay is brilliantly located with a bustling town centre.