The town, nestled between the Rance and Fémur rivers and built upon a primitive castle mound, is a charming example of a typical Breton village, just a few steps away from the sea.

Visitors will first of all be able to discover typical, local heritage, bestowed with rich and generous granitic soil: from the Saint-Laurent church to its granite cross and the stone houses of the village centre. The many farm houses will delve visitors into a world of bygone days. For instance, over the course of the years 2000, the town built a communal bread oven making it possible for inhabitants to share and unite in a convivial atmosphere during monthly bread-making days or traditional festivities.

Walkers will also be delighted with the paths along the Fémur Valley, which offer pleasant hikes along the riverbanks. This is also where a particularly well-shaded golf course was set up, enabling the sportiest among you to take a swing or two..