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Close to 25 miles of coastline and 220 miles of marked hiking paths make the Emerald Coast – named like that because of the colour of the sea – an ideal holiday destination for those of you who love sport, hiking and local heritage.

As the wind blows and following the tide – which can reach spectacular heights along the coast – your stay here will no doubt be unforgettable, as you spend time by the sea and admire the exceptional architectural heritage of our seaside resorts and delightful fishing villages. If you wander slightly inland, you can discover a number of picturesque hamlets full of character, nestled away in the flowery and green countryside, as well as the secretive and tranquil banks of the Rance river.



Pleasure, relaxation and well-being in a preserved environment… DINARD reveals its charm all year long. Seaside walks amidst beautiful landscapes, sporting and leisure activities, events, excursions out to sea and along the Rance river, as well as simple pleasures like the beach and swimming during the summer, or invigorating walks in cooler weather. After a lovely walk, if you are feeling a little hungry, why not take a seat in one of the town’s many restaurants or Crêperies…whatever takes your fancy!

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Strongly influence by its maritime history, Saint-Briac has managed to combine the charm of a former fishing village with that of a seaside resort. This little port saw a number of Cape Horner ships set to sea, and has preserved a major part of its maritime history through the architecture of its narrow alleys surrounding the church. The centre’s cobbled streets are home to ship-owners’ houses made of granite and sailors’ houses made of local stone. The Venelle des Ruettes alleyway unveils the town’s bell tower with its unique Upper-Breton balusters.

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Lancieux is a charming seaside resort located in the heart of the Emerald Coast. With its 8 sandy beaches, it subtly combines traditional village life with the excitement of a Breton seaside resort.

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As a former fishing village and still greatly marked by its maritime history, Saint-Lunaire has all the charm of a family seaside resort. From the old town centre and its fishing houses to the sumptuous villas built during the resort’s former period of glory, come and discover Saint-Lunaire’s many facets!

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The town of Pleurtuit runs along the Rance river for just over 3 miles. These sites can easily be discovered by following the GR 34 route.

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Le Minihic-sur-Rance

Set right on the edge of the Rance river, Le Minihic-sur-Rance has asserted its maritime tradition over time. Stroll through the village’s streets and alleys, and admire the sailors’ or captains’ houses with their iconic architecture. Still today, the Landriais cove is proof of the village’s resolutely maritime lifestyle.

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Lying at the crossroads between several beaches of the Emerald Coast, Beaussais-sur-Mer was recently born of the union between Ploubalay, Trégon and Plessix Balisson, and is ideally located near to the sea, lakes and woods.

Small typical villages can be discovered as you walk through the wooded hinterland, webbed with quaint paths and old stone houses.

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La Richardais

La Richardais is a peaceful city on the Rance riverbanks, whose daily activities are dictated by the tides and famous dam. It is a delight for hikers, with its natural and well-preserved sites that always remain incredibly tranquil.

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The town, nestled between the Rance and Fémur rivers and built upon a primitive castle mound, is a charming example of a typical Breton village, just a few steps away from the sea.

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